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Did Your Vehicle Fail the Smog Test?

Did Your Vehicle Fail the Smog Test?

That's okay, you are in good hands at Burbank Auto Repair Technicians. We will complete any needed repairs and reinspect your vehicle.

The 4 most common smog check repairs:

  1. Bad O2 Sensor Replacement
    If your oxygen sensor malfunctions it cannot properly monitor the exhaust and may cause overheating and loss of engine power and the release of toxic emissions. Burbank Auto Repair Technicians in Burbank can help you replace your O2 sensor quickly and get you back on the road fast.
  2. Bad Fuel Metering Adjustment
    Proper air-fuel measurement prior to mixing is necessary for a smooth-running engine. Most drivers discover their vehicles has a fuel metering problem when the "Check Engine Light" is displayed. At Burbank Auto Repair Technicians in Burbank we have state of the art computer programs that identify the exact check engine light diagnostic code and quickly complete the appropriate repairs.
  3. Rich Fuel Mixture Adjustment
    Come to Burbank Auto Repair Technicians in Burbank to determine if your vehicle is putting out high levels of carbon monoxide due to a lack of oxygen in the combustion cycle. This can happen because of a faulty MAF sensor or oxygen sensor or because of leaking fuel injectors.
  4. Faulty EVAP System Part Replacement
    EVAP (Evaporative Emission Control System) problems occur when your vehicle is leaking gasoline vapors into the air. Burbank Auto Repair Technicians in Burbank can repair troublesome leaks or cracks in your vehicle's vacuum hoses, seals or gas cap.

Worried About the Cost of Smog Check Repairs?

  • Apply for Consumer Assistance, this is a program offering income-eligible consumers assistance toward emissions-related repairs at STAR test-and-repair stations if their vehicle fails its biennial Smog Check inspection.
  • Talk to the pro technicians at Burbank Auto Repair Technicians about starting a maintenance plan. Regular maintenance can reduce smog check failures and high-cost auto repairs in the future.

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